Estrés, ansiedad y neurociencia. Con ansiedad escapamos más rápido de un estímulo de miedo.Stress, anxiety and neuroscience. When anxious we escape faster with a fear stimulus.

Stress, anxiety and neuroscience. When anxious we escape faster with a fear stimulus.


In this post we will see the relationship between stress, anxiety and neuroscience. That is, the brain foundations of anxiety and stress. We will start by dealing about the relationship between anxiety and stress. So far in this blog we had only talked about stress. To do all this, we will refer to an article […]

Neurociencia y coaching

Neuroscience and coaching. Neurocoaching for leadership – NeuroQuotient®


Being able to connect neuroscience and coaching is important for the people development, especially of the leadership. So, we can practice neurocoaching. We reviewed the path that led us to create NeuroQuotient®, the tool that makes it possible in a practical and efficient way. A path with high expectation, false myths, some frustration and, since a […]

Neurociencia en las Organizaciones. Neuroliderazgo con NeuroQuotient

Neuroscience in Companies. Neuroleadership with NeuroQuotient


Neuroscience in companies, applied to people development, is an important resource but not easy to be used. In this post we will see the value contribution of NeuroQuotient in the neuroleadership development. How it makes possible and practical the application of neuroscience in companies. The processes are more efficient, since it works on the self-leadership […]

Eneagrama. 9 tipos de personalidad

Enneagram. 9 Personality Types or Enneatypes (coaching tools -9)


We describe the foundations of the Enneagram, and its nine personality types  or enneatypes to assess its use in people’s development and coaching. We found that the identification of our enneatype based on the Enneagram is quite confusing. From what we have learned, we propose a way to find out in a simple way the […]

Leading with anger or aggressiveness. Brain foundations and social impact.


Leading with anger or aggressiveness, even, is quite frequent. We have all experienced situations directly or indirectly. Situations in which someone tries to achieve their goals at the expense of others, screaming, threatening, sometimes attacking and hitting. We have experienced it as receivers and, perhaps, although it is not easy to recognize it, as principal […]

anclas y anclajes de PNL

NLP anchors or NLP anchoring how and why do they work? (Neurolinguistic Programming-3)


NLP anchors or NLP anchoring how and why do they work? (Neurolinguistic Programming-3) The NLP anchors or NLP anchoring can help us to improve our emotional results in different situations in which we are affected by stress, blockage, fear, and so on. The inspiration came when we read an article about the reward system and […]

Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery. Color Personality Test. (Coaching Tools 8)


The Insights Discovery, the color personality test, is one of the most complete personality tools for the leadership development and relationships development in companies. Our purpose, as in other cases, is to understand its foundations and assess its suitability to be used in coaching. We include it in the coaching tools series because starts with […]


Being More Assertive with Neuroscience. Threat or Fear System


How can we be more assertive with neuroscience? Assertiveness is in average point between aggressiveness and passivity. The brain’s threat (or fear) System when mismanaged causes us to distance from this balance point. We will see, however, that we have resources in our brain that help us to be more assertive. We will start with […]

psicología y neurociencia

Hebb’s rule with an analogy. Psychology and neuroscience


Hebb’s rule or Hebb’s law or Hebbian theory is fundamental to understand the relationship between psychology and neuroscience. To approach it we will go back to the original work of Donald O. Hebb and, later on, we will explain it through an analogy that will facilitate our understanding. Linking psychology and neuroscience thanks to Donald […]

test de personalidad DISC y neuroquotient

The DISC personality test and NeuroQuotient. Similarities and differences.


It is likely that we are here looking for information about the DISC personality test. But, how we are attracted by innovation, we can also take the opportunity to learn about NeuroQuotient. The neuro tool that allows to apply neuroscience to coaching and people development in a practical and efficient way. Anyway, if your interest […]