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Add the neuro tool to your practice, neuroscience for coaching with NeuroQuotient.


Workshop (online, Talentsoft e-learning platform)
Learning the neuroscience for coaching  and brain’s fundamentals of the behaviourUnderstanding the specific development keys for each client
2 individual tutorships (one mandatory)
Admission to the website application to manage reports
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Approach neuroscience with NeuroQuotient

How to use neuroscience for coaching in leadership development in a practical way

How to be more efficient with your clients processes

How to finally complement your coaching training

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Behavioral Neuroscience. The NeuroQuotient® Model.

Behavioral neuroscience is understandable with the NeuroQuotient® model. In this post we explain for the first time the whole structure of the model. Its foundation is in how the Prefrontal Cortex (PFC) connects with the limbic brain systems most relevant to behavior. These Systems are the Reward and the Threat Systems. With the NeuroQuotient® model […]

Gambling and online betting addictions. What happens in the brain? How get rid of them?

Gambling addiction and online betting addictions are serious problems for certain people. NeuroQuotient® helps us understand what happens in the brain in addictions and to identify this risk group and its intensity. It could be used to define user profiles and put filters within online gambling platforms. At the end, we suggest ideas to avoid, […]

Heart Rate and Breathing.  Brain and Body Connection – NeuroQuotient®

Heart rate, the rhythm of the heartbeat, is related to breathing. Knowing how it works helps us better understand the neuroscience of behaviour and have more resources to improve our well-being. We will see how the brain and the body are connected by the autonomic nervous system and we will give our opinion on two […]

Comparing it to other coaching tools, I want to highlight how detailed the information NeuroQuotient gives is. It helps the coachee to feel understood and to focus on what is more important. On the other side, the development strategies it includes make the coaches’ efforts more effective and it makes the processes speed up.

To sum it up in a word, besides a course of neuroscience for coaching, NeuroQuotient means productivity.

Esther Pérez
Psychologist, coach
Amura Talent S.L. (Barcelona)
Certified Practitioner in NeuroQuotient

NeuroQuotient is a great opportunity to start and follow up with coaching processes. It is supported by a scientific basis, showing clients in a graphic and dynamic way where they are and what do they want to attain.

With the coaching neuro tool, and as professional coaches, we have the possibility to help our clients focus on the states they want to improve and identify their priorities through neuroscience. The neuroscience course to be certified is interactive, supported by the latest generation e-learning platform, giving us the opportunity to interact not only by chat but also through video with our colleagues. It is great for learning gradually the brain basis for each behaviour and giving a professional and quality feedback.


Jairo Neuta
Executive and Personal Coach (Bogotá)
Certified Practitioner in NeuroQuotient

In a few words, this is a simple and practical coaching tool, whilst also being stimulating and powerenabling.

NeuroQuotient helps the coach understanding the development needs of each client. It also helps the client understanding where they are, how do they stimulate or limit themselves and how to focus their improvement process. As this tool does not categorize personalities, only neurobehaviours, the client feels comfortable, not judged or labelled.

It helps the client facing challenges at a personal level, even psychological ones, in a practical and operational way by using a coaching focus, and not focusing on the past but on the future and working on a solution. The client takes control of their growth and development.

Xavier Bretones
Psychologist / Organizations consultant
INVENIES (Barcelona)
Certified Practitioner in NeuroQuotient

The word defining NeuroQuotient better is trust. The trust generated towards the neuro tool expert who explains the results.

Thanks to NeuroQuotient I had full knowledge of the factors determining my behaviour during my routines, either personal or professional. I was able to detect which situations caused my stress and professional worries and how my mind influenced it.

Compared to other coaching tools, when seeing the difference between my current state and my desired state, it helped me much more in starting to work on adjusting my daily behaviours so I could improve my results and satisfaction.

I have recommended it to all my acquaintances, friends and colleagues.

David Pérez
Lawyer (Barcelona)
User of NeuroQuotient on a coaching process