Enneagram. 9 Personality Types or Enneatypes (coaching tools -9)

We describe the foundations of the Enneagram, and its nine personality types  or enneatypes to assess its use in people’s development and coaching. We found that the identification of our enneatype based on the Enneagram is quite confusing. From what we have learned, we propose a way to find out in a simple way the type of personality according to the Enneagram.

The Enneagram, the model of the nine personality types or enneatypes, is widely used in people’s development. That’s the reason why we have decided to include it in this series of articles on coaching tools. As in other cases, we will seek to understand its foundations and assess its suitability to be used in coaching and people’s development.

One of the purposes of the Enneagram is to increase awareness about oneself and from there to promote the development. The same thing we look for in NeuroQuotient, but with a fundamental difference. In NeuroQuotient® we do not deal with personality, only with behaviour and with its cerebral foundations (neuro-behaviours).

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