Neuroscience of perception and brain structure of time line (neuroscience and NLP-2)

We will continue to deepen on how the brain structures the time line. In the previous post we dealt with the time line in NLP. That is, how we connect present, past (memory) and future (imagination). Now we will raise the neuroscience of how the brain structures this time line. What happens in the brain in the two most frequent types of time line? We will also see how to take advantage of the two types of brain structure of time line: ‘through time’ and ‘in time’.

First, it is important that we are clear about what with the brain structure of time line, or the time line in the brain, we are referring to how our mind organizes the events of the past (memory), present and future (imagination).

On the other hand, we know that our brain does not distinguish between what it perceives directly from what it remembers or imagines. This is because the brain substrates of perception in the present, memory and imagination are the same.

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